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About  Box 22 Associates

Box 22 Associates, Inc. was founded in 1932 by a group of prominent business and professional people who found a common interest in the New Haven Fire Department. During that era, they hung out at fire stations and would show up at a fire no matter the time of day. The first president was John Sloan, a recently retired fire commissioner, whose favorite hangout was the legendary Engine 12’s house on Crown St.

Today, the primary purpose of Box 22 Associates is to provide emergency canteen and rehab service at major fires, sponsor a “Firefighter of the Year” award, participate in parades such as the St. Patrick’s Day and Columbus Day Parades, and preserve the memorabilia and heritage of the New Haven Fire Department. To that end, Box 22 Associates is assembling a book that will cite many of the historical milestones since New Haven became a paid department in 1862.

As with many fire buff organizations, the membership of Box 22 consists of enthusiastic citizens from all walks of life, active and retired firefighters from New Haven and surrounding communities. Our membership stretches from New England to South Florida to the West Coast.

As to the age old question as to how the club got its name, the number “22” signified the taps given at 8:00 AM, 12 Noon, 6:00 PM and Midnight when the bells were sounded throughout the system to test them. On the roster of box locations within the New Haven Fire Dept. communications system, Box 22 was a phantom box in the basement of the Hall of Records at City Hall.

Box 22 Associates is an affiliate member of the International Fire Buff Associates. In February 1953, representatives from fire buff organizations from around the country met in Milwaukee and founded the IFBA. Today, the IFBA lists more than 80 fire service organizations among its members, including several clubs in Canada. Box 22 Associates mission is to serve as a common ground for fire buffs, active in promoting the general welfare of the fire department, allied emergency services, their officers & members.

Approximately half of the IFBA member clubs provide some sort of “rehab” or canteen service for firefighters at fire scenes or other types of emergency situations. Some clubs provide volunteers to man Salvation Army or Red Cross sponsored vehicles. Others, like Box 22, sponsor their own vehicles and supply the manpower as well. We launched our canteen service over Fourth of July 1980 at the suggestion of the Chief’s Office.  Our first run was on July 15th 1980, a Second Alarm fire at the corner of Howard Ave. and Spring St. in the Hill Section of New Haven.

Today, Box 22 operates a 1973 Chevrolet Grumman-Olsen Step Van, purchased in 1988 with a generous donation from the late Dr. Luca Celentano. It was converted from its former use as a bread truck to our specifications as an Emergency Canteen vehicle. It features a three station coffee maker, an Onan RV generator and a 200 bottle capacity cooler. Without numerous benefactors, our canteen operation would never have been possible. We have been supported by the New Haven Firemen’s Benevolent Association, New Haven Firefighters Local 825, The Dahill Company, Earth Technology, Inc., as well as our members and individual firefighters, who are always ready and willing to assist our efforts.

We cannot underestimate the influence of the late Chief John P. Reardon. Chief Reardon was our mentor. He helped to formulate the policies which govern the operation of our programs to this day.

Beside the operation of the Emergency Canteen, Box 22 also is responsible for collecting and maintaining historic memorabilia pertaining to the New Haven Fire Department. Much of that information is being assembled for the publication of a book “New Haven Firefighters” expected to be published in 2005 by Arcadia Publishing Co. We assisted Corgi Classics in researching the article that accompanied the 70th Anniversary Seagrave pumper model released by Corgi as New Haven Engine 6. Box 22 also sponsors a “Firefighter of the Year” Award to a New Haven firefighter.

Over the years, Box 22 has supported the Bridgeport Hospital and Yale Medical Burn Centers, The Frank Foley Memorial Golf Tournament, the NHFD Emerald Society, the New Haven Firebirds, the U.S. & Canadian Professional Firefighters Golf Tournament as well as the mural honoring fallen fighters that is displayed in the auditorium of the New Haven Fire Training Academy.

Featured Image

During research for the Photographic History Book on the New Haven Fire Department many interesting photographs were sent to us. 

Many people asked us to keep and archive their collection for fear that others would not understand it's value or historical importance. Citizens and Firefighting families alike provided us airlooms that they cherished for years in hopes that we could use them in this upcoming publication. Many pictures seen on these pages were from these sources. 

This photograph was of particular interest, it shows a little boy, an aspiring firefighter atop the shoulders of Fire Chief Tom Collins sometime in the 1960's at an event at the New Fire Haven Training Grounds. 

paquettecollins.JPG (72803 bytes)

That little boy grew up to be Steve Paquette Pump Driver on Engine Company 4, Steve served many years at Dixwell Station many as the Tillerman on Truck Company 4. 

Thanks for the picture Steve.

Members of Box 22 Celebrate

Anticipating the upcoming release of the much anticipated release of the photographic history of the New Haven Fire Department and the recent launch of Box22.org members of Box 22 Associates gathered at Safe Haven for a few cocktails and, of course, some old  fire stories. 

Present were current and retired (leather-lunged) members of the Fire Department as well as members of Box 22 Associates. Members were honored with the presence of Fire Chief Michael Grant past Box 22 Associates Fireman of the Year and long time Fire Buff.

Present on everyone's mind was Bob King. He was there in spirit and much of his input will be seen in the soon to be release book. Bob was around for a while and was a tremendous help to all of us in trying to put names with some of the many photographs that will be seen in the book. 

Members took time from the festivities to pose for a photograph. 

IMG_0123.JPG (88457 bytes)

Top Left to Right: Allyn Wright NHFD Asst Chief (ret), Dorrance "DOC" Johnson, Lieut. Kevin Miller (ret), Fire Chief Michael Grant, North Haven Firefighter Anthony Pelliccio, Firefighter Mike Celentano, Fire Marshal Joe Cappucci, Captain Howard McCann, Director of Training Matt Lyons (ret), 

Bottom Left to Right: Batt. Chief Al ALBY Bysewitz, Firefighter Roger Lambert (ret), Lieut. Matt (YOURS TRULY) Marcarelli, Telegraph Operator George Peet, Batt. Chief Ed (THE EDITOR) Flynn, and our fearless leader, the never tireless spark Fire Commish Bill Celentano.

Box 22 Sponsors Historic Photo Shoot

On September 26, 2004 Box 22 Associates sponsored a historic photographic event. 

Reminiscent of days gone. When the New Haven Fire Department had uniform fleets of Segrave Fire Apparatus. The Fire Departments photographic unit would assemble the fleet of apparatus on the New Haven Green or at Yale Field to document the fleet of apparatus. 

In a modern department forward thinking Fire Chief's try to maintain fleet uniformity for ease of maintenance and familiarity with the Firefighters. New Haven is no different. 

Encouraged by Box 22 the Fire Chief Michael Grant arranged the assembly of it's fleet of Pierce Quantum Fire Apparatus in front of Fire Headquarters, for this historic photograph to be taken. 


alby5.jpg (79206 bytes) seagraves0001.jpg (38698 bytes)



IMG_0128.JPG (937258 bytes)



Ho w About Showing Off Your Favorite Recipe

All the talk is about firehouse cooking. New Haven boasts of having some of the best food in the country, some of it prepared right in one of it's ten stations. Look here to find you favorite dish or submit one to share.

You can submit your recipe by emailing it to webmaster@box22.org.

The Books Are Here!!!!!

Box 22 Associates is please to announce the release of our book on the History of the New Haven Department. For more information click here.

Most Stores Sold Out. Click above to get yours before it's too late.

Featured Photograph

Just in time for Christmas Box 22 received an email from Tom Welch, his father Tim Welch drove the last horse drawn fire apparatus (Eng. 4).

He also has a rich family history within the New Haven Fire Department. His two uncles were on the job at old engine 6 (John, who died of the flu in 1911)and Mickey Welch at engine 16 in the Cove. In addition, another uncle was a captain at engine 17 (Harry Coogan).

Tom sent these pictures to Box 22 Associates, it is unique in that unlike many of the other pictures we have all the names of the firefighters in the photograph. He can be contacted at: tomsalth2o@comcast.net 

nhfirefighters.jpg (55599 bytes)

1940's that shows from left to right (standing) Harry Coogan, George Lynch Cap Donahue, George Davins, Tim Welch, Joe Welch, and Gene Mulligan.

Seated L to R: Al Ross, Pete Reilly, Paul Heinz, Ed Lawler, and Tom Marino.

steamereng4.jpg (131060 bytes)

This picture is of steamer engine 4 with Tim Welch (on right) leaning over the rear wheel.  I think it was taken out on Whalley Avenue near the pavilion that used to be across from the Jewish Cemetery. 

AlAbles.jpg (46325 bytes)

Seen here is  Battalion Chief Albert H. Abeles, who was Supervisor of Motor Fire Apparatus from the 30's up through the 50's.

In addition to inventing and developing prototypes of firefighting tools, such as plaster hooks, forced entry devices, and unique fireground manifold systems, he was a mechanical wizard who could fix and rebuild fire apparatus from the axels up!  The picture depicts one of those projects that he and his crew of "experts" refurbished.

Featured Page

New Haven Station c1875 -1 .jpg (42535 bytes)

Recently a complete set of New Haven Railroad Photograph Postcards were sent to me. This was a historic New Haven Fire not only because of the damage to Transportation Infrastructure but also because it took the life of a New Haven Firefighter.

Click Here to see the Page.